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Cocooned In Luxury

By Daniella Norling on22/06/2008 5:59 p.m. Your Home & Garden  

La Diva has gossip. Apparently a certain Aussie screen goddess, (glamorously thin, fabulously beautiful with a raving scientologist movie star for an ex husband) has just purchased a "Silk Sensation" pure silk duvet inner. As a silver screen princess with a penchant for the better things in life, this is a clear case of "What's Hot". Just to prove a point she came back the next day and bought three more.

Upon receiving this salacious tidbit, I fell into the deepest of depressions. La Diva is the owner of a feather duvet inner and it was horribly obvious that I had been caught napping. As a stylemonger to the stars, La Diva was behind the eight ball.

Not being one to wallow, I immediately got on the phone and did my homework. Feathers, it appears, is so yesterday's news. For people suffering from allergies and asthma, those who hate the mess that molting feathers make and especially the jittery who harbour an aversion to bird flu, feather duvet and pillow inners are terribly non-U.

Anyone who is anybody is after the silk alternative. Light as air but warm as toast in the winter and cool as a cucumber in the summer, Silk Sensation silk duvet inners really are the business. La Diva should know. Not wasting a minute, I took one for a test drive and was delighted with the result. I slept like a fat little silkworm wrapped in a luxury cocoon. With my head resting on a silk pillow, I spent the night dreaming of delicious mulberry leaves and beautiful butterfly wings. A most restorative experience I can assure you.

Now one might think that such an item of sheer luxury is only available to a select few. Movie stars, Divas and the like. Well, you would be wrong. Silk Sensation is a New Zealand company who feel that all of us are worth a touch of special. Hop on-line to and get shopping. Should you be a technophobe you can also check out the bedding section at your local Harvey Norman.

La Diva expects plenty of feed back from grateful readers this week. A silk duvet inner and a couple of pillows might well just change your life. It will certainly change the way you sleep.

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