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Silk Sensation Silk pillows are extremely luxurious to sleep on .

Our popular luxurious 100% mulberry silk pillow will allow you a wonderful sleep. No more waking through the night with a "hot head', and no more turning of your pillow to try and find a cooler place for your head . 

Our new 50/50 silk  pillow, being a more reasonably priced alternative, has a hollow core wrapped in silk fibre to give softness and retain shape, but will also give most of the benefits of silk. A hollow fibre core for bounce wrapped in a 100% mulberry silk floss for luxury and comfort 

Our luxurious pillows are both hypoallergenic, and are both covered in a 50% silk/50% cotton cover

Our 100% mulberry silk pillowcases go great with both of these pillows, and also fit a standard size NZ pillow 

These can stop "bed hair' and are hypo allergenic and inhospitable to dust mites. A must with a Silk Sensation pillow.

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100% Silk Pillow

Available for delivery NOW our 100% AAA+ Silk Pillow. These are the most luxurious pillow available, covered in a self stripe 50% silk/50% cotton cover, and filled with 1350grams of natural chemical free mulberry silk.

For the best nights sleep ever, team this pillow with a 100% silk luxurious  pillowcase. 

Size 45 x 70cm  (17.5"x33.5")


Two 100% Silk Pillows

Save $170.00

These are made with 100% AAA+ natural mulberry silk, and are extremely luxurious.

They are hypo allergenic, and will help you to get a better nights sleep.

Silk Pillowcase Multi Deal



Buy a 2 pillowcase set, one for use while one in the wash.  

These are high quality 19 momme weight 100% mulberry silk pillowcases.

To fit the standard size NZ pillow.

Colour IVORY 



Silk Pillowcase

100% mulberry silk pillowcase, 19 momme weight. Colour IVORY

No more "bed hair" in the morning.

Inhospitable to dust mites

Great with the Silk Sensation 100% Silk or silk mix Pillows 

To fit a standard size NZ pillow.  45 x 75cm.


Silk Pillowcase - Black

These amazing 100% Silk Charmeuse Pillowcases will help with a better nights sleep, and keep your hair from tangling.

No more dry skin as silk, unlike cotton, does not draw moisture from your skin

Size 45x75+10cm flap

100% natural mulberry silk.

19 momme 







Two Silk Pillowcases, Black, multi deal

A great saving and allows to you use one while the other is being laundered.




50/50 Silk Pillows

A hollow fibre core wrapped in 100% pure mulberry silk, and covered in self stripe 50% silk/50% cotton for comfort.

Size 75x45cm.


50/50 Silk Pillow multu deal

Two of our 50% silk/50% hollow fibre Pillows.

Size 75x45cm 


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