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Silk Sensation Silk pillows are extremely luxurious to sleep on .

Our popular luxurious 100% mulberry silk pillow will allow you a wonderful sleep. No more waking through the night with a "hot head', and no more turning of your pillow to try and find a cooler place for your head . 

Our silk mix  pillow, being a more reasonably priced alternative, has a hollow core wrapped in silk fibre to give softness and retain shape, but will also give most of the benefits of silk. 

Our luxurious  pillows are both hypoallergenic, and the 100% silk pillow is covered in a 50% silk/50% cotton cover, and the silk mix pillow is covered in a white stripe 55% silk/45% cotton cover. 

Our 100% mulberry silk pillowcase goes great with one of these pillows, and fit a standard size NZ pillow 

These can stop "bed hair' and are hypo allergenic and inhospitable to dust mites. A must with a Silk Sensation pillow.

Have a look at the blog on

Our Kapok pillows are available, these are amazing to sleep on, similar to silk in that they breathe and allow your head to stay cool, unlike many of the synthetic pillows on the market  

Silk mix Pillow

A luxurious silk mix pillow has a polyester hollow core wrapped in a cocoon of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk. Fabric cover is 50% Silk / 50% Cotton stripe.

Filling is 50% silk / 50 % Polyester hollow fibre

Size 45 x 70cm. (17.5" x 33.5")

Silk Pillow Combo

Save $79.00

Combo deal includes two silk mix pillows. 

 A pillow with a polyester hollow core wrapped in a cocoon of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk and covered in a 50% Silk / 50% Cotton stripe fabric.

100% Silk Pillow

Available for delivery NOW our 100% AAA+ Silk Pillow. These are the most luxurious pillow available, covered in a self stripe 50% silk/50% cotton cover, and filled with 1350grams of natural chemical free mulberry silk.

For the best nights sleep ever, team this pillow with a 100% silk luxurious  pillowcase. 

Size 45 x 70cm  (17.5"x33.5")


Two 100% Silk Pillows

Save $179.00

These are made with 100% AAA+ natural mulberry silk, and are extremely luxurious.

They are hypo allergenic, and will help you to get a better nights sleep.

Silk Pillowcase Multi Deal



Buy a 2 pillowcase set, one for use while one in the wash.  

These are high quality 19 momme weight 100% mulberry silk pillowcases.

To fit the standard size NZ pillow.

Colour IVORY 


Silk Pillowcase

100% mulberry silk pillowcase, 19 momme weight. Colour IVORY

No more "bed hair" in the morning.

Inhospitable to dust mites

Great with the Silk Sensation 100% Silk or silk mix Pillows 

To fit a standard size NZ pillow.  45 x 75cm.

Silk Pillowcase - Black

These amazing 100% Silk Charmeuse Pillowcases will help with a better nights sleep, and keep your hair from getting knotted





Two Silk Pillowcases, Black, multi deal

 Multi DEAL NOW $35 in total saving

USUALLY $85.00 each 

Same size and quality as our Ivory silk pillowcases


KAPOK Pillows

Environmentally friendly, kapok comes from a sustainable resource.

450gms Kapok wrapped around a 500gm core of hollow fibre poly

Cover 100% cotton.

Size 70 x 45cm    

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