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News from the bedroom

Winter is almost upon us, cooler nights for the next few months. Many New Zealand house, both modern and older, now have excellent heating systems, allowing the house to remain at a good warm temperature throughout the night. This means that many people sleep way too warm, which causes moisture and excessive tiredness. To sleep at a comfortable, not hot, temperature is the most healthy. Sleeping too warm causes excess sweat, and unless the moisture is wicked away from the skin, this moisture causes chills which means that possibly more heat than is healthy is used. The major sign of sleeping too warm is excessive tiredness and the feeling of being dehydrated on waking.  Silk is breathable and to get the best nights sleep use a silk duvet on top with a silk underlay under your bottom sheet.

There has been much confusion regarding TC or Thread Count for sheets. Some use the per 10 sq cm format as this increases the thread count, however the International Standards for thread count say it should be measured as either per sq inch or per sq cm. Our SENSATION sheets are 500TC per sq inch, which equates to 775TC per 10 sq cm, easy to see why many sheet brands use the per 10 sq cm format.    


Has been a while since I have added anything new here, have been extremely busy. We have brought back our 50% silk/50% hollow fibre core pillows for people who do not want to pay for our more expensive 100% silk pillows. Summer duvets have been in demand this year, the warmer nights have meant difficulty sleeping for many, and sleeping under silk is much more cooling. 


Winter has really hit us this year, but isn't it great watching TV in front of the wood burner. Has been an amazing season for sales of silk duvets, first time in over eight years that we have problems with out of stocks. Sales are running at around 35% higher than same period last year, and has made it extremely difficult to plan forward sales. But a new shipment of duvets arrives in 10th July, and new washable underlays arrive late September   

Silk is possibly the most natural bedding available, it uses no chemicals in the manufacture of the silk floss, is sustainable, and great for people suffering from allergies and skin conditions. Especially good for women going through menopause.

 Winter time again, has hit so quickly. Daylight saving finished a week ago, and can't believe how quick everything changed, nights are dark so early, and we have had the fire on the past few nights as well. It looks as though Easter will be cold and damp. Our silk duvets are amazing these cooler nights, they drape over you, no gaps down your body to let the cooler air in like many other more expensive duvets do.    

A SILK PILLOW will make an amazing difference to your sleep. no more tossing and constantly turning the pillow to the cooler side. Silk, being a natural fiber and breathable, allows air to circulate and allows your head to stay cooler.   



Looks as though we are at the end of Winter, it wasn't too bad this year. Time to be looking at your summer bedding, lighter bedding through summer means a better nights sleep 

Definitely much cooler now, we had to use a throw on top of our winter duvet for a couple of nights last week. my wife and I have quite different requirements from our bedding, she likes heat, I enjoy to be a little cooler than her in bed. This is one of the amazing things about silk, it allows people with different requirements to both feel comfortable under the same silk duvet,        

Houses are so much warmer now, so it really does pay to call into your nearest Harvey Norman store to discuss with them if you need a winter Silk Sensation duvet by itself or maybe a combination of the Winter and Summer weight duvets. We are all quite different in how we like to sleep, some like real warmth, others just a comfortable warmth. But sleeping in bed is really no different than the clothes you wear, summer or winter clothes, you dress for the season, just as you should cover yourself in bed for the season 

The shortest day has passed, and the nights are definitely getting cooler. We are still using only our 400gsm winter weight silk duvet, finding it plenty warm enough 

Winter is almost here, the nights are getting a little cooler. We have great stocks of winter weight duvets in our warehouse. There are many adverts at present for products that are "soft as silk" or "faux silk" Why would you buy an imitation when you can buy the real thing. These imitation silk products are nothing like silk, a benefit of silk is that it is natural and a sustainable resource.  These imitations are all made by man, mainly from oil, and who really wants to sleep with a petrol tank 


 WHAT AN AMAZING SUMMER WE HAVE HAD IN SALES, I feel that many more people are starting to understand the amazing qualities of silk. But I do get a little disappointed with some of the silk duvets being sold on Trademe and other sites. So may of these are not made for NZ bed sizes, and the weight of these is either too light or in a couple of cases too heavy. We are quite a unique country, with a vast array of temperature variations. It really does pay to call into your local stockist of Silk Sensation and get some help  

Saw an advert for "bambillo" pillows on tv last night. They say they are cooling and soft like silk??? Why then is there so many negatives regarding this pillow when you go online and google "bambillo reviews"  These pillows are filled with memory foam chips, and covered in a bamboo viscose fabric. I would imagine that they are definitely not that cooling. A silk pillow is not as cheap as one of these "so called bamboo pillows" but in reality you get what you pay for. Silk is an expensive fibre, is natural and sustainable.


 Would have thought that it would have started warming up by now, what a winter. We have a shipment of duvets arriving mid September, about time, with how busy winter has been we are starting to get a little low in some sizes of duvets. Good special on our black 100% silk pillowcases at present.   

What a cold winter, we have had to have a fire every night. Our winter (400) silk duvet has been good most nights, but a couple I have to admit, we needed just a little more warmth. We used one of our silk throws, and were plenty warm enough. Tried using the summer and winter duvets clipped together last year, but found them way too warm. But it does depend on how warm your home is and how warm or cool that you like to sleep at night.  

Winter is here, get warm with a 400gm silk duvet. For many modern houses a summer weight duvet will be fine all year round. Heatpumps and better insulation means that all parts of our houses are generally much warmer.  

Well into the new year, and these warmer nights have really shown how great a lightweight summer silk duvet performs. I also switched over to a 100% silk pillow recently. My old silk mix pillow was ruined by a nosebleed.

Has taken me a few days to get used to the firmer and lower pillow, but now my wife tells me that I sleep extremely heavily. All I notice is that I wake with a slightly clearer nose in the mornings, and don't want to get out of bed.  


 Only a couple of days until Xmas, has been a busy year, and now time to relax and enjoy family.


Xmas is almost here, warmer nights, and some relaxing times. WE stay open throughout the holiday period, apart from the Statutory days around Xmas and New Year. Next week have a large shipment of duvets arriving, should have enough stock to get us through for the next couple of months. Tell us if there is anything you would like to see us include in our range, just go to our facebook page and leave a comment. Would be great if you "like us" while you are there.

Can't believe how fast the year is going. We have had a great year, I think many more people are beginning to understand that silk is a great alternative to conventional duvets, plus it has the added benefit of being clean, green and sustainable.  No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process making it one of the healthiest duvets to sleep under.

The sheet sets are selling really well, there is nothing better than lying between pure cotton. Being a 500 thread count, the sheets feel really soft.

Summer is just around the corner, it is really noticeable how much warmer the days and nights are getting. Not far off time to change to our lighter weight summer (250gsm) silk duvet inner. Unloaded a shipment of duvets and pillows earlier this week, hard work, but our warehouse is looking really well stocked now.

We have had an amazing success with sales of our new 500TC 100% cotton sheet sets. The third shipment arrives in 14 days, and believe me, it is not easy unloading a 20ft container full of sheet sets as they are quite heavy.  

Winter is really here, freezing nights. We have put a heat transfer system into our house, made a great difference. We have now found that the winter duvet by itself is enough for us at nights. There is nothing worse than being too hot in bed of a night, it really affects your sleep and you feel quite tired in the morning. Having a breathable silk duvet allows a perfect nights sleep  

Over the past couple of months we have sold more 100% silk pillows than ever before. People seem to be starting to understand the real benefits of silk. The 100% silk pillow is very expensive, but is so luxurious and with 1350gms of silk fill, your head just sinks into it and you have a relaxing sleep. Many others quote a silk pillow, but before you purchase, ask if it is really 100% silk. Most are like our silk mix pillow, and have a core of either 100% polyester or are a man made hollow fibre core wrapped in silk. These are still great pillows, but if you can afford the true 100% silk pillow, buy it.  

Our sheets are selling extremely well, quite amazing how much better you sleep if you are more comfortable. Decent sheets keep you warm, and don't make you feel hot and sweaty. Many sheets are cotton rich, in real meaning polyester cotton, they may feel okay, but they are made with cotton and chemicals. Have just ordered another large shipment of duvets and silk mix pillows, has been amazing the sales of silk duvets. Our sales have grown by over 30% a year for the past 3 years. I think people are now coming to recognise the benefits of silk in allowing you to have an amazing sleep, plus they are chemical free.

Daylight saving has finished, and the nights are sure getting darker and cooler. Time to consider some extra warmth on your bed. We will change over to our 400gsm winter duvet at Easter weekend and that will keep us warm until late June. For a few weeks through the coolest part of winter we will use both the summer and winter duvets clipped together. Nothing better than being toasty in bed without the extra weight that a lot of duvets bring. Plus being breathable you do not overheat,   

We seem to be forever unpacking duvets and pillows, the warehouse is quite full at present, and expecting another shipment of white sheet sets later next week. Just waiting on the photos to come back and will post them to show the new pillows and pillowcases. Sales have been exceptional over the past 12 months, people must be finally understanding how silk is such a great clean product to sleep under. Drop us an email if you ever want to comment on our range or service, would love to hear from you    

Another shipment of duvets, pillows and pillowcases arrives in today. Will post the new pillowcases as soon as we receive them. New style, still 100% mulberry silk, but these have a piped edge all around. They look a million dollars.  

Have had a great success with the "got to be cotton" sheet sets. There is nothing better than a good nights sleep, and a good quality set of sheets can make all the difference to that sleep. With the warmer nights here now, it is worth considering a good duvet inner, silk breathes and allows you to sleep at a more comfortable temperature. There is not that heavy weight on top of you.  




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