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PLEASE NOTE- Although every effort has been made to bring you accurate information, this website is merely a guide, and the final choice is up to you, the individual. 

  • Why is silk so ideal to sleep under?
  • Does silk breathe?
  • Can a silk duvet ease arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Can a silk duvet benefit an allergy sufferer such as asthma, hay fever or sinuses.

    More recently, silk’s natural hypoallergenic qualities have come to be increasingly appreciated across the modern world. Silk bedding is a great blessing to all allergy sufferers who are prone to asthma blocked sinuses or other hay fever-like symptoms. Many people who are allergic to dust or house mites which are often found in ordinary bedding materials such as down, feathers and wool, will find silk will not accommodate these mites.

     Unlike most other duvet fillings, silk uses no chemicals in its manufacturing process, just pure natural H2O, water.  

  • Caring for your silk duvet
  • How do I choose the right weight?

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